Pfizer Volunteers add a splash of Colour

Peamount Bungalows 023Staff from Pfizer Biotech in Grangecastle made their contribution to Peamount’s centenary year in 2012 by volunteering to brighten up the lives of Peamount’s clients. Pfizer staff painted, hosted parties and provided Christmas presents to clients of Peamount Healthcare’s Intellectual Disability Service.

The painting project involved 50 staff from Pfizer’s Engineering team painting the exterior of ten residential bungalows on the Peamount campus. These bungalows are home to 60 clients of Peamount’s intellectual disability service. As the photos illustrate the team really got stuck into the job and despite the poor conditions, it was a typical Irish “soft day”, all the houses were finished on time and to an excellent standard.

Not to be out-done the Technical Services Department, who volunteered previously in Peamount, threw a Halloween party for our clients and got very much into the “spirit” of the day with costumes featuring scary characters including vampires, witches and pirates. The event was tremendous fun and the clients talked about it for weeks afterwards.

Staff from the Technical Services Department came back to Peamount just before Christmas with a huge sack of gifts (carried by an extremely tall Santa Claus) for all the clients at the IDS Christmas party.

The clients and staff of Peamount Healthcare are very grateful to the staff of Pfizer Biotech for their on-going support and generosity.