Peamount is represented at the International Conference for Integrated Care

PREP – Peamount Respiratory Empowerment programme –  is a multidisciplinary lifestyle empowerment programme that promotes healthy eating and physical activity specific to people with respiratory conditions.  Available to respiratory rehab inpatients referred for weight management with a BMI of over 30kg/m2.


Here’s what some of the participants of PREP have to say about the programme:


  • “Thanks to this programme, we can feel we still matter, and that Peamount has a great interest in its patients’ overall health”
  • the dietitian’s nutrition class has changed my life and my thinking about food and exercise”
  • “tried diets before and it never worked as well as this”
  • “As for the physio, I found it fantastic. I did not realise how unfit I was until I was put through my paces every week”
  • “The exercise programme improved my lung function and was tailored individually depending on our needs and ability”
  • “I was treated with respect. The leaders listened to my problems. I felt part of something”