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WordPress manual for the website


Access to the WordPress CMS backend

To access the backend open in your browser and log in with your username and password.



Welcome messages and address in the website footer

To edit the welcome messages on the homepage and any of the lower content pages as well as the address in the footer go to the Smart Blocks section in the WordPress backend.


Note! It is important to edit the welcome messages in the HTML mode and to leave or html tags untouched (e.g. <div class=”eightcol”>). They are necessary to keep the layout and proper styling. Edit only the text as underlined in the image below:



Add/Edit News item

  1. Go to Posts section in the WordPress backend


  1. Add or edit News item


Add/Edit a page

My nice titleMost of the existing pages have complex layout (columns, tabs, information boxes etc) that requires to use the html mode to keep it valid. In order to edit one of such pages please use the HTML mode and before you start editing copy and paste the entire content into Notepad to have a copy that you can always revert to if something goes wrong. Please edit only texts and leave all html and shortcode tags untouched.

If you want to add a new page and do not require a complex layout then do not hesitate to use the Visual mode. You can still achieve a fairly good looking page. You can preview the result and add any necessary changes before making the page public.



Add/Edit Pages in the Top Navigation

You can Add/Edit Pages in the Top Navigation by going to the Appearance/Menus section in the WordPress backend.

To edit the Top Navigation choose ‘Primary Navigation’ tab. If you want to change a position of an existing page just Drag and Drop the page into a chosen position in the Navigation and click ‘Save Menu’.

If you want to add a new page into the Navigation. Choose the page in Pages box, check the checkbox and click ‘Add to Menu’.  It will appear in the Navigation Pages list at the bottom. Drag and drop it into your final position and hit ‘Save Menu’.

You can similarly edit or add pages into the Footer Navigation or Top Utility Navigation. Just choose the required Tab.


Add/Edit members of the Board of Directors

To add/edit the members of the Board of Directors go to the Board of Directors section in the WordPress backend. Click any of the existing members to edit or click ‘Add New Member’ to add new. Click the Re-Order section to change the order the members appear in the front-end.


Add/Edit document to download

All documents to download (i.e. in the Downloads section of the website) can be found in File Manager section in the WordPress backend. In the list you will see the embed code for each file and how many times each file was already downloaded.


If document size > 2MB use a FTP client (e.g. FileZilla:

 to upload it to the server first. Please remove any spaces and special characters in your file name. For example change ‘Five Year Strategy 2008-2013.pdf’ to ‘FiveYearStrategy2008-2013.pdf’

The file should be uploaded into /httpdocs/wp-content/uploads/download-manager-files

Then create new entry in the File Manager section in the WordPress backend


Clearing Website cache website uses caching plugin to enhance performance and show pages quicker to the end user. When a user visit a page it is saved as a static copy and served to others in this form – the page loads much faster.

The static copy can be cleared by administrator if something is changed.

Hover over ‘Performance’ in the top black bar and click ‘Empty All Caches’ then refresh the page in the front-end.

Clearing the cache is required when you have made some changes to Board of Directors, Smart Blocks, File Manager, Navigation. Generally speaking if you have done some changes in the backend but you can’t see any results in the front-end. Clear the cache and refresh the page.