Intellectual Disability Services

Enriching the lives of residents living within the Intellectual Disability Service (IDS) is the underpinning philosophy of Peamount Healthcare. Our extensively trained and skilled multi-disciplinary teams place the person at the centre of all discussions, and are inclusive facilitating friendship, family contact, and community engagement. This is facilitated through embracing technology, local services and truly hearing the voices of each resident to support them in achieving goals.
Within the IDS, Peamount Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of supports to 85 residents both on the campus at Peamount Healthcare and in the community. Many of the residents are aging and, as such, are developing complex physical and medical needs. Staff are empowered to engage in continued professional development to ensure they can provide the most up to date quality care. The IDS is comprised of 8 HIQA registered Designated Centres; 7 are for people with Intellectual Disability and 1 is for people with Neurological Disability.

The teams within each Designated Centre focus on transforming the lives of residents through innovative and compassionate care. Residents are supported to engage in a meaningful way in their local community, building and rebuilding relationships with locals and welcoming people into the campus. Our focus remains in line with our mission; that is empowering each individual to live full and meaningful lives. There has been substantial change and quality enhancement across disability services over the last year and a half. This was evident in the significant increase in compliance with the disability standards across services and these changes have had positive outcomes in the lived experiences of residents. This increase in compliance is due to a review of governance structures, and an emphasis on education for staff of all grades and disciplines.