PRESS RELEASE: Peamount Healthcare Garden Project

Peamount Healthcare background:
Peamount Healthcare (Peamount) is an independent voluntary organisation that operates in partnership with the HSE to provide a range of health and social care services regionally and nationally. There are currently 217 beds between the campus and community services with over 500 employees. Peamount provides services in age related, rehabilitation, respiratory, intellectual disability, neurological and community care.
The Peamount HUB garden project is an exciting development. The first stage, in collaboration with Pfizer was completed on 20th September 2019.
Peamount Healthcare Hub garden project September 2019.
Peamount Healthcare staff and residents welcomed 70 Pfizer volunteers to join them in the planting of their new Hub Garden Project on Friday 20th September 2019.
The Peamount Hub is a welcoming centre for all residents on campus and in the community. Peamount delivers meaningful activities supported by the multidisciplinary team and sessional professionals from the local community including for example Art, Pottery, Aromatherapy, Lady Aberdeen Library, Food Appreciation, Coffee Dock, Men’s Sheds, Hair and Beauty Salon to name but a few.
The new Peamount Hub garden is surrounded by landscaped grounds comprising of many different species of trees, it is the perfect canvas to develop and create an open garden space for Peamount service users to enjoy and experience. The new sensory garden will be an additional recreational space for all residents and family to enjoy.
We appreciate the team at Pfizer for their support and giving so generously of their time and attention to the new Peamount Hub garden project. We would also like to thank Friends of Peamount and Lucan Garden Centre for their support.