Rehabilitation Services

Respiratory Rehabilitation Service

Peamount Healthcare provides a consultant led multidisciplinary team inpatient pulmonary rehabilitation service within a 25 bedded unit. The expert service is evidence-based care in respiratory medicine, manages and optimises chronic lung conditions such as asthma, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis and pleural disease. Admission to the inpatient unit can be:

Age Related Rehabilitation Service

Peamount Healthcare delivers consultant in age related multidisciplinary rehabilitation within the areas of ortho-geriatric, stroke, or general geriatric medicine. Goal-focused rehabilitation is delivered by an experienced team in collaboration with patients and is implemented both individually and in groups. There is also an Advanced Nurse Practitioner led service which is a short rehabilitation stay; Community Rehabilitation Inpatient Specialist Programme (CRISP).

Neuro Level 2 Rehabilitation Service

Peamount Healthcare provides a consultant led multidisciplinary, level 2 specialist, inpatient, neuro-rehabilitation service, with a 15 bedded unit predominantly for patients under 65 years. Referrals come from acute hospitals in Dublin Mid Leinster Hospitals Group (DMHG) and /or CHO7. As part of the Managed Clinical Rehabilitation Network (MCRN) aligned to the National Strategy for the Provision of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services in Ireland, working with the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH), the service provides evidence based, goal directed rehabilitation to individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, progressive neurological conditions and other neurological conditions.

Rheumatology Rehabilitation Service

Peamount Healthcare opened a Rheumatological and Musculoskeletal Disease (RMD) Consultant led multidisciplinary team 10 bed inpatient Unit in December 2022 serving community dwelling patients attending Rheumatological clinics in Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) and Naas General Hospital (NGH). It provides a two-week individualised, goal-directed service designed to lessen the impact of impairment and promote self-management.